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Silver Creek Partners is focused on investing in data center assets that allow businesses to move data and compute power closer to the customer with modernized infrastructure that saves power and consumes fewer resources. Nascent technology trends such as IoT, 5G Wireless, and 4K streaming require updated approaches to process and move massive amounts data.

The team at Silver Creek Partners has 30 years of experience in infrastructure investment and global technology deployment. With experience financing and developing assets from oil and gas projects to Class-10 semiconductor cleanroom facilities, the Silver Creek Team has broad experience successfully completing high-complexity, high-stakes projects.  



Our Approach



Silver Creek Partners identifies assets with dated infrastructure and partners with world-class engineering teams to provide a tactical approach to modernization. By focusing on updating the systems and infrastructure that have the most substantial impact on Total Cost of Ownership for our customers, we are able to deploy capital efficiently and with minimal disruption to existing data center operations.


With a network that spans Fortune 500 C-Suites and Silicon Valley venture capitalists, Silver Creek has industry-leading visibility into the technology trends that will impact the data center marketplace. By focusing purely on infrastructure for the cloud, we align with partners' technology and growth roadmaps to ensure they are prepared for the future.



Silver Creek Partners helps operators increase capacity within their data center facilities though operational efficiencies and build-to-suit development. A modular approach allows Silver Creek to deploy increased capacity as needed (as low as 1MW), without needing to build at scale.



Proprietary tools allow Silver Creek to asses the long term viability of data center assets before ever setting foot on property. Sophisticated analytics combine data points on the physical asset, national market trends, and micro-scale location analysis to help predict the upside potential of an asset.




If you are a business leader looking to modernize your existing data center infrastructure, or are exploring the opportunity to consolidate or divest data center assets, please reach out to us.